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cmOffice, the intelligent control centre for conference and association management.

When it comes to smart software, cmOffice COVR's integrated system for conference organisation and association management is very smart indeed. Specially designed for scientific and medical conferences, it covers all the particular needs for this niche. Eighteen years of continual development have made cmOffice a reliable and resilient platform which provides users with powerful tools in all stages of conference organization.

Teams working with cmOffice not only add time-saving automation features to their work toolbox, but also realize significant quality improvements and enhance consistency by working with one integrated system.

cmOffice has built-in functionality for:

  • Contact and Relationship Management
  • Communication
  • Event registration
  • Programme Development
  • Exhibition Management
  • Finance Administration
  • Membership.

Additionally it can serve as the underlying central database for a range of additional COVR technologies and services (which can be used with integration to cmOffice, to other open database systems, or stand-alone).

To see how cmOffice and the full range of COVR products work together and how they can benefit your association or conference, check out the COVR Solutions Overview.

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