Dynamic web content management

cmWeb brings your web publishing into the 21st century. Driven by a powerful Content Management System (CMS) cmWeb allows multiple content stakeholders in your organisation to independently publish updates about their business area while fully keeping the high-quality visual style.

Any information which exists structurally on your systems is pulled dynamically from the database, rather than going through repetitive and error-prone publishing cycles. This ensures zero-latency availability of all structural data on your web site.

Personalised content for various target groups

Based on demographic profile information from your database, or based on user behaviour, various target groups can receive different content when visiting your web site. This way each visit to the web site gives them a more engaging experience and helps strengthening your brand and your communication efficiency.

Powerful reporting and site analytics

Getting information on to your web site is just one side of what cmWeb will bring to you. Getting useful information back is the next. User- and page-specific statistics provide a wealth of information which can be used to analyse if your communication effectively reaches your various target groups.

On-going Professional Support

Our cmWeb team works closely with you on optimising the web site for effective communication to each of your target groups. Based on identifying data analysis needs, powerful reports are created to help monitoring effectiveness of communication. Through state of the art features and specialised support cmWeb turns your web site into a powerful marketing engine.

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