Live exhibitions become virtual

With cmWalktrue, COVR can virtualize your exhibition by means of 360 degree images, allowing anyone visit it at any time –long after the physical doors are closed. Visitors can walk through isles and stands, zoom in on details and interact through a combination of moving and still pictures and stand holder’s digital marketing materials .
cmWalktrue offers a unique opportunity for conference and exhibition organisers to:

  • Extend exhibitor value and ROI by keeping a virtual exhibition online in a cost-effective way.
  • Strengthen the event brand by offering web visitors a highly engaging online experience which fully represents the live atmosphere.
  • Realize additional revenue through offering valuable up-sell opportunities to exhibitors such as enhanced presence, embedded electronic marketing materials, multimedia presentations and inclusion in tailored tours.

Interactive Floor Plan

Just as in the real world, visitors need to find their way around with intuitive tools. From anywhere in a cmWalktrue virtual exhibition the floor plan(s) can be displayed. Once in the floor plan, exhibitor names are displayed when the mouse is pointed over a stand, and a simple click on a stand takes the visitor the virtual stand.

Exhibitor directory

Visitors looking for a specific exhibitor can easily locate them through the searchable exhibitor directory. A simple click on the result takes them to the location on the floor plan or directly to the stand in the virtual exhibition. Categories and key words can easily be configured so that users looking for specific products or services can find the exhibitors which offer them.

Tailored Tour

Time is money, even in the virtual place so visitors can pick their own "time-saving" tour based upon their profile or interests. Visitors are offered a range of tours that will take them to their matters of interest.

To see and to be seen

cmWalkTrue is the ultimate tool to combine the real world with the virtual one. Based on real pictures, the physical environment becomes virtually available, offering visitors a unique experience as well as a central point of interaction between visitor and exhibiting company.

Demo project

Virtual extension of the SIBOS exhibition (demo site)

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