With cmHybrid, COVR provides conference organisers with all necessary tools to successfully conduct hybrid events. Depending on the audience, hybrid events can significantly increase your reach and let you meet growing expectations of globally dispersed audiences.

Remote audiences

cmHybrid can stream presented content to remote meeting rooms where clusters of remote attendees gather to see a combination of centrally presented content, enhanced with a local panel and Q&A in their local language.

If desired a “one to many” link can be set up to allow individual attendees to connect to a broadcast of your central session.

Remote Q&A

Hybrid events should be much more than simply offering remote attendance. With cmHybrid, remote attendees (individual or remote groups) can help enhancing the experience by actively participating in Q&A and offering perspectives from around the world. Various tools to allow filtering and prioritisation of remote questions, such as question rating can be included.

Social media inclusion

Twitter activity based on pre-defined hash tags can be displayed onsite on a Twitter wall or in the remote attendance interface. Sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn can be done directly from the hybrid meeting interface.

Real-time or Asynchronous experience

Hybrid events do not need to end when the physical meeting is over. Captured presentations can be made available on line and session Q&A and Social media activity can continue in full online mode.

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